About Us

My background has always been design and colour based. I draw on this skill to produce designs to clients specific requirements but love to work outside of the box! And when consulting over a design I may well throw in a curved ball purely to get the discussion going and get to the heart of what the client requires.

I enjoy working with a client and remember those loyal customers who keep coming back to me! I still serve some returning clients from when I started in 2009! I’ve seen their families grow as they have seen mine grow. I even produce signage for their children’s businesses… if I had to guess id say around 75% of my business is from satisfied returning customers!!! To me you are not a customer or a number on a sheet you are a person and a pleasure to work for!

Now days also draw on the skills of a graphic designer to improve any design ideas that you may have! This enables me to print up to 5ft wide using either Latex ink or solvent based both of which are heat laminated as standard to increase the designs natural life and limit fading.